Alison Hagan

Event Vanguard

Alison is a leading international fundraising event expert. With over 20 years in the field, she has personally organized large-scale events, as well as led high performance teams to execute consistently record-breaking walks, bike tours, golf tournaments, third party events and galas.

Alison’s deep experience in event fundraising is unique, consistently rising to new challenges and delivering on opportunities.  She never lost the lessons of hands-on hard work from her early years as an events coordinator.  Carrying boxes, setting up tents, slinging juice boxes and avoiding garbage juice spills are still well-oiled skills.  Later, she showed her ability to astonish with results.  When she assumed the role as manager of the one of the most successful bike tours in the entire Canadian charitable sector, she quadrupled the fundraising results and doubled the number of participants in just a few years!  

But it was in her role as a Director of Development that Alison found her true passion and greatest strength: coaching.  Her ability to build strong relationships with staff, event participants, board members and donors is the key to consistently creating amazing event experiences and reaching new fundraising heights.

In the sponsorship field, Alison has secured large cash sponsorships for events, including title sponsorships for provincial walk events. 

Alison has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Regina, with a double major in Journalism and English.  Alison received extensive mentorship and training on her journey to becoming a certified sponsorship expert. 

In her spare time, Alison is the board chair of Edmonton Story Slam, a non-profit monthly story telling event. She also volunteers with Human Venture, a non-profit that studies common patterns in human striving, failure and achievement in order to figure out adaptive solutions for future generations.

If you’d like to connect with Alison about your fundraising event, please email her at or call her toll-free: 1-800-991-3318 x103.