“We have had the pleasure of working with Fundraising Pharmacy since 2013.  David has been extremely generous with his time and expertise, providing us with insights about key decisions and strategic advice on the program as a whole.  Fundraising Pharmacy excels at insightful interviewing, thoughtful and smart creative, and a client-centred approach.”

Emily Chen-Bendle

National Director of Marketing and Communications (former)

The Sunshine Foundation of Canada

“I trust Fundraising Pharmacy. They really care about what they are doing and they really want us to succeed.”

 Jennifer R. Collins

Special Projects Officer

Ajax Pickering Hospital Foundation

“I highly recommend Fundraising Pharmacy to anyone serious about growing their donor base and fundraising program. You end up getting huge bang for your buck with new fundraising ideas and that has made all the difference on more than one occasion.”

 Jon Lloyd

Fundraising and Campaign Director (former)


We are a smaller shop and as much as we’d like to do it all we can’t.  It’s always good to get somebody in with a different perspective and working with David has been a good match.

I get The Common Good’s philosophy and I knew we wouldn’t get lost in an agency that’s used to only working with big shops.  On the personal side of things, it’s helped me focus my efforts on other things while The Common Good team is working on, say, a direct mail piece.

The service  is different than anybody else, especially if you are looking to work with a smaller company that provides a more personal touch.  Working with them has been beneficial to me, as a fundraiser, and they have brought my organization success by helping us tell better stories.

Sylvie Labrosse, CFRE

Manager, Fundraising

Community Living Toronto

unsplash-logoKatya Austin

I’m really the only person in our office who is doing this work and having someone to share ideas with and get feedback is very helpful.   I don’t feel alone and it gives me confidence.

The Common Good helped look at the big picture for this year and also future, then drilled down to what we could do right now.

The review and feedback of our materials has been really helpful and has made each part of our communications better.  They always bring it back to the donor’s perspective and get us to think about what the donor needs and wants

Plus we were all really impressed when David came to our donor appreciation event.  It showed us they really cares about SKETCH and what we do.

Catherine Cachia

Resource Development Associate (former)

SKETCH Working Arts

unsplash-logoKatya Austin

The Common Good Fundraising Agency has helped me to change the culture within my organization – we had no culture of philanthropy.

They gave us the tools to reanimate lapsed donors, reestablish monthly giving and really challenged our organization to think about what we want to say  Their  work has been outstanding. The Common Good has helped both our program and me to grow and the results have been great.

Shelley Braiden

Fund Development Manager (former)

Boyle Street Community Services