Join us June 12-14, 2019 in Saskatoon, SK for the fourth annual Western Canada Fundraising Conference.


ULTRA Early Bird registration opens in Fall, 2018

Click here to view the Western Canada Fundraising Conference 2018 schedule & directory.


About WCFC

Founded in 2015 by The Common Good Fundraising principals and consistently named one of everyaction’s Best Nonprofit Conferences, WCFC offers a unique and astonishingly affordable opportunity for you to connect with up to 250 leading fundraising professionals working with charities and not-for-profit organizations in Canada and around the world.

Industry leading experts from Europe, the USA and across Canada offer an unparalleled opportunity for learning and networking.

The conference offers highly-prized traditional features like a variety of sessions on timely topics and inspiring group plenaries. Networking opportunities are liberally peppered throughout the day and a careful emphasis has been placed on high-quality meals and refreshments.

WCFC injects energy into the classic conference format with unique and creative experiences woven throughout, challenging attendees to stretch their professional limits in a fun and supportive environment.

A carefully curated coterie of conference partners will also be on hand to share trusted products and services that enhance fundraising programs and donor relationships.

No matter if you work in a ‘big-shop’ or are a fundraising Swiss Army knife, WCFC delivers value to your organization and your career.

Our promise is compelling content for every professional: brand new go-getter, mid-career star and accomplished leader.  Visit for the latest updates.